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CONFLUENCE: A coming or flowing together.

CONFLUENCE WELLNESS CENTER:  A place for healing that strives to offer the best, most patient-centered healthcare possible, by merging and melding traditional and cutting-edge, Eastern and Western, and alternative and mainstream.

We provide an elegant and effective confluence of healing modalities, a comprehensive approach to the science, philosophy, and art of wellness which we call the Four Worlds of Healing. What this means to you is that we always try to see and work according to the big picture. Many perplexing health issues have more than one cause, and we believe they need all factors addressed simultaneously in order to be successfully resolved.

For instance, many clients come to us for counseling related to behavioral concerns, such as anxiety and depression. It is often clear to us that they have unstable brain chemistry due to improper nutritional status, and that the unstable brain chemistry is contributing to their unwanted behaviors. Helping these clients with nutritional therapy as well as counseling jet-propels their progress. Alternately, some clients with mood disorders or behavioral problems need to have the persistent effects of old closed-head injuries resolved with physical medicine techniques before they can make the changes they seek.

Often, patients suffer from persistent structural symptoms like chronic back pain or internal problems like irritable bowel syndrome, which previously have been unresponsive to treatment. We find that they are trapped in inappropriate stress-response patterns, and when we add stress-reducing and emotional clearing techniques, such as NET, they finally begin responding to their physical and/or biochemical treatments.

We frequently find that problems as diverse as allergies, asthma, hyperactivity, migraines, and chronic fatigue have a hidden but primary nutritional component, which must be resolved for those who suffer from them to obtain lasting relief. In another possible scenario, symptoms and illnesses such as fibromyalgia, digestive problems, and headaches can be precipitated or perpetuated by unacknowledged and therefore untreated musculoskeletal stress patterns.

The key understanding is that there is no one approach good for everything, or even every headache, back pain, or case of depression. Good clinicians need to be able to differentiate. We believe that our holistic approach, which weaves together multiple natural and effective diagnostic and treatment methods, gives you the greatest opportunity for healing.


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